• Important Announcement: Planned Wifi Outage Monday, January 24

    Our Wi-Fi system currently relies on a length of fiber optic cable in the old Coble Creek Building.  Our IT providers will be relocating that cable on Monday, January 24th.  Some residents will experience periods of being disconnected from Wi-Fi.  The schedule and courts impacted are listed below.

    First phase begins at 6am-9am and will affect east campus residents in the following courts:

    Knox Ct & Wade Coble Dr, Aquinas Ct, Muhlenberg Ct, Wesley Ct, Welcome Center

    Second phase begins at 9a-12noon and will affect all west campus residents as well as several community spaces:

    All Homes on West Campus, Services Complex, Sullivan Park, Old Maintenance (Auxiliary Space and Model Train Room)

    If you have trouble connecting to Wi-Fi after the scheduled maintenance is complete, please submit a work ticket through WorxHub or by calling maintenance.


A Good Place to Call Home

Ideally located halfway between the mountains and beaches of this beautiful state, Twin Lakes Community is highly-regarded as one of North Carolina's best retirement communities.

Our residents enjoy a rich and rewarding lifestyle, achieving successful, healthy aging. Living life to the fullest is not a cliché at Twin Lakes
Community; it is a satisfying reality.

Twin Lakes Community is a neighborhood where long
time friends are as important as long-term care. Where
independence is treasured. And where the transition isn’t
about what you give up, but what you’ve gained.